Latest News

NSAC supported the International Summit for Cooperatives in Quebec.

AICPA Recommends Changes to IRS Tangible Property Regulations
AICPA urged the Internal Revenue Service in a letter to act quickly...

What’s the Haircut? Determining the Fair Value of Deferred Revenue
There are a number of challenges when it comes to the valuation of deferred revenue,....

Guidance Ongoing Concern Uncertainties Released
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued a new accounting standards update...

Regulation, inflation drove audit fees higher in 2013
Regulatory oversight and inflation have played significant roles in the rise in fees U.S. companies paid in 2013...

Poll: Voters want teamwork on tax reform
Seven in 10 voters in several states with high-profile elections this year want President Obama and Congress to work to overhaul the tax code...

Board members keenly focused on risk 
Corporate board members of US public companies are keenly focused on risk, but many are not comfortable with their understanding...

Report: Fraud and Retaliation on the Rise
A new compliance benchmark report reveals some alarming findings...

FASB Resumes Work on Hedge Accounting, Pursuing Targeted Fixes and Alignment With IFRS
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has dusted off its notes on hedge accounting...

About NSAC

The National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives (NSAC) is a professional society, formed in 1936, comprised of approximately 2,000 individual members actively involved with the financial management and planning of cooperative business. NSAC members are either employed by a cooperative or provide professional services for cooperatives.

Serving Individual members and their respective organizations

  • Employees of cooperatives who are accountants, bookkeepers and office managers; controllers and tax directors; internal auditors and in-house legal staff, as well as CFOs and other finance professionals
  • Professionals advising and providing services to cooperatives such as independent auditors and CPAs, tax advisors and preparers, cooperative bank professionals, professionals working for law firms, government employees advising cooperatives and cooperative association employees


  • Continuing Educational Programming
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits Resources on Financial Reporting Programs for both Small and Large Cooperatives
  • A Directory of Other Cooperative Professionals
  • Networking Opportunities
  • A Quarterly Technical Journal

In 1935, auditors for the Northern States Cooperative League began holding meetings. Due to the success of these gatherings, they decided to form a national organization. NSAC Milestones:

1943 – Formally structures as an independent, nonprofit corporation
1948 – Begins publishing The Cooperative Accountant
1952 – Publishes first cooperative accounting report
1980 – Hires first professional manager1998 – Organizes nationwide Electric Cooperative Chapter
2001 – Begins actively participating in FASB projects that impact co-ops
2008 – Becomes industry leader in international accounting standards development
2011 – Celebrates 75th Anniversary at Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL